Sunday, January 28, 2018

Hazy Days Increase the Risk of Premature Death

“Although a hazy day generally has 2.9% higher risk [of death] than a day without haze, a very intense adverse effect is found on the mortality associated with mental and behaviour disorders,” the researchers reported. “A combined influence of haze, extreme weather/air quality and urban environment can result in extremely high mortality.” Read the full article @ The Guardian

The Hong Kong research, published in the journal Environment International, is the first to analyse the link of haze days and risk of death. Haze days are those on which pollutants gather in the air and cut visibility, usually dry days with low winds. In the study period from 2007 to 2014, there were 111 haze days when particle pollution was on average twice as high.

Delhi 2017-18 Winter Time PM2.5 Concentrations Above 300 micro-gm/m3

The data is worrying, but neither the Delhi government nor the Centre has made localised plans to deal with emissions. Read the full article @ Times of India

More on Delhi's air quality is @ 

Air Quality in Delhi - Today and Tomorrow

The graph below presents PM2.5 concentrations for the last seven days (updated every 30 minutes), as reported by multiple networks in NCR. The modeled forecasts are updated once a day at 7pm (India time). For more, see